About Us

CN2AMZ is a Shenzhen sourcing agent, with 13+ years' experience in Sourcing, we sourcing from China product sourcing websites, such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China, Aliexpress, Dhgate, and 1688, etc.

CN2AMZ is your invaluable partner when importing products from China. We help you to find an ideal high-quality supplier and control their product quality quickly and efficiently. We help handle everything you need in China on your behalf, discover new products and suppliers, audit existing suppliers, manage negotiations and draft agreements, perform factory inspections and quality control, manage shipping and logistics.

No hidden commissions, share the contact details of the supplier and shipping company with you.

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Services for Amazon Sellers

  • FBA Sourcing service

    We can help you to find the right real factory manufacturers, get a better price and fewer units(MOQ), avoid middleman such as traders and wholesalers, coordinate product samples.

  • FBA Inspection service

    We have inspection services that will meet your every need, including sample inspection and mass product inspection from necessary exterior carton checks, to the detailed piece by piece inspections.

  • FBA Prep service

    We can provide the best services for you if you’re sourcing products from China. We will do product labeling, packing, bundling and any other FBA preparation you need for your product.

  • FBA Logistics - shipping to FBA

    We can ship your products to any location as you needed, Amazon FBA warehouses in America or Europe, 3rd party warehouses or your own warehouse.

  • Product Photography for Amazon

    professional Photography, follow Amazon guidelines, include white background, lifestyle, etc.


Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on our team to provide professional solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient.

Our mission is to make more Amazon sellers succeed in their business.

  • 13+ years' experience

Our service can be of incredible value to your business.

You can focus on business, and we handle everything for you until you get your products.
Working with us, you will save both Time and Money.